The Medieval Bike versus my Trail-a-bike

A couple of days ago I posted a picture I took at Waterloo Park’s Medieval Faire. My first thought was, OMG I hope a kid’s not riding on the back of that thing! Now to be fair at the time I was pushing my 4 and 2 year old in a jogging stroller. So my thought was, I’d never put my 2 year old in that thing and ride around. I posted the picture on a number of social media sites and the varied reaction was kind of a surprise: Where I grew up that’s how I got to Grandma’s house. Hey, … Continue reading The Medieval Bike versus my Trail-a-bike

Great short on Critical Mass

I still haven’t managed to participate in a critical mass ride yet.  After watching this stellar clip  I want to and even more (it is longish so carve out some time). I am a bit nervous about the Waterloo ride as it’s low in numbers (I’ve seen as few as six participants) which makes running lights at 5pm kind of dangerous. The Waterloo critical mass participants meet at the bandshell in Waterloo Park the last Friday of the month at 4.45 pm. Continue reading Great short on Critical Mass