Mary-Allen Bike Swap #verycool

Extremely cool. This Saturday our neighbourhood is having a community bike swap.  We’re meeting at the park for an hour to swap bikes. I’m humbled to live in such a fantastic community. I hope it becomes an annual event! What an awesome idea. Anybody else have neighbourhood bike swaps? The picture below is of my kids. Lochlain’s on the rip-off Kettler Trike and Aerowyn’s holding her recently acquired Recycle Cycle’s special. Get this! Kids bikes from Recycle-Cycle’s are FREE. We saw similar bikes at our local bike stores for between 60 and 70 dollars, this was free and we’ll probably donate … Continue reading Mary-Allen Bike Swap #verycool

Home Made Bike – Reader Submission

Todays post features pictures of a reader’s bicycle kit. Not just any old reader or any kit though. Jeff Windatt gave up his car a year and a half ago. He gets by using his bike, his ingenuity and I’m guessing some stronger than average quadriceps. He lives in small town Ontario, but that and his carlessness hasn’t limited his lifestyle. He says car sharing can be a great alternative for the odd out-of-town trip. Everything else is accessible by bike. Trust me, he means everything. He’s built his own trike and trailer which he’s all set to improve on. … Continue reading Home Made Bike – Reader Submission