Safety Recall – Trek bicycles with a front disc brakes and quick releases

Got this in my inbox this morning, luckily my Trek which has a front disc brake, doesn’t have a quick release. Back before I had email my second mountain bike was a Trek 850 Antelope, it had a quick release, but that was before disc brakes became mainstream.  That reminds me, I put this awful one piece barends / aerobars on it — horrible. “According to the CPSC recall notice, one incident resulted in quadriplegia, one in facial injuries, and the third in a fractured wrist.” via Bicycle Retailer Safety Recall Trek issues voluntary nationwide consumer quick release safety notices Thank you for … Continue reading Safety Recall – Trek bicycles with a front disc brakes and quick releases

REVIEW – TREK Soho DLX Fail – Part 3

Winter De-Belted my Soho My ultimate winter bike has one fault.  When riding in snow, ice builds up on the rear cog and promptly lifts the belt off the rear cog.  We’re not talking deep snow, just an inch or two of fresh snow produces enough build up of ice on the belt to pop it off. Happened on day two The first time it happened (day two of my Trek experience) I called up the cycle shop where I purchased the bike and explained it to them.  I got the impression they didn’t believe me.  So I turned to … Continue reading REVIEW – TREK Soho DLX Fail – Part 3

Commute by Ski – Cutaway Trek Cog is in the mail

With my brand new Trek Soho DLX in the shop I had to resort to a different mode of transportation: commute by XC Ski.  Actually I’ve been pining to try this mode of transportation since we started this blog back in October. I’m lucky to live close to a lightly used rail line that runs through a park and green space and runs right behind Agfa’s Waterloo office. The only part of the ski that’s tedious are the many bare road and pathways. Stopping to take off the skis and then put them back on really adds to the commute time. … Continue reading Commute by Ski – Cutaway Trek Cog is in the mail


Trek’s Soho DLX ranks as a fail in my repertoire.   I prayed it it would be the ultimate commuter bike for the winter, but alas somethings are too good to be true. [Refer to Part 2 & Part 3 of the Soho Belt Drive Saga.] This is a sweet, sweet ride. An upright, sporty commuter bike, metal fenders, a bike rack, disk brakes, a rubber bumper on the  top tube and an 8-speed internal hub.  Even the dollar-store coffee mug looks good. BUT  Trek should have stopped there and left out the belt drive for their northern friends (MEC … Continue reading REVIEW: Trek Soho DLX – FAIL