#WRCC12 draws to a close

As this years commuter challenge (#WRCC12) has come to an end, the question that’s most pressing in my mind is: How many new cycling commuters have we added? The one quote from the Hans Moor kick off that sticks with me is how do we actively convert the 60% of Waterloo Region folks who state they would cycle if it was safer, easier and more convenient. It’s a question that I’ll be pondering this summer for sure. However, I’ll leave this commuter challenge with pictures taken in K-W which once again pushes the limits of what’s possible with a bicycle. … Continue reading #WRCC12 draws to a close

Home Made Bike – Reader Submission

Todays post features pictures of a reader’s bicycle kit. Not just any old reader or any kit though. Jeff Windatt gave up his car a year and a half ago. He gets by using his bike, his ingenuity and I’m guessing some stronger than average quadriceps. He lives in small town Ontario, but that and his carlessness hasn’t limited his lifestyle. He says car sharing can be a great alternative for the odd out-of-town trip. Everything else is accessible by bike. Trust me, he means everything. He’s built his own trike and trailer which he’s all set to improve on. … Continue reading Home Made Bike – Reader Submission

The Drop and Drop

I’ve always wanted to try taking my son to school in the fancy Mountain Equipment Coop trailer I got for my birthday a couple of years back. Yes, I asked for the trailer as I wanted to start cycling and taking my boy on trips as soon as he was old enough. Indeed I did take him here and there but it wasn’t much and soon the trailer collected dust rather quickly in our front hall/makeshift garage/makeshift shed/trunk wherever it could be hidden. It’s not the small trailer either, it’s the double! We knew we were having two children at … Continue reading The Drop and Drop