Transporting Ski’s by Bicycle

‘I should have thought of that!’ For a while now I’ve been pondering how to transport my XC ski’s by bike (ever since ski-muting to work a few years back). Chris Harrison’s profile pic proves this is pretty easy (that’s the genius of it). See you in the bush, by bicycle. If you want more info about skiing in Waterloo Region, look no further than the Waterloo Region Nordic Sports Club (WRNSC) Continue reading Transporting Ski’s by Bicycle

Commute by Ski – Cutaway Trek Cog is in the mail

With my brand new Trek Soho DLX in the shop I had to resort to a different mode of transportation: commute by XC Ski.  Actually I’ve been pining to try this mode of transportation since we started this blog back in October. I’m lucky to live close to a lightly used rail line that runs through a park and green space and runs right behind Agfa’s Waterloo office. The only part of the ski that’s tedious are the many bare road and pathways. Stopping to take off the skis and then put them back on really adds to the commute time. … Continue reading Commute by Ski – Cutaway Trek Cog is in the mail