Home Made Bike – Reader Submission

Todays post features pictures of a reader’s bicycle kit. Not just any old reader or any kit though. Jeff Windatt gave up his car a year and a half ago. He gets by using his bike, his ingenuity and I’m guessing some stronger than average quadriceps. He lives in small town Ontario, but that and his carlessness hasn’t limited his lifestyle. He says car sharing can be a great alternative for the odd out-of-town trip. Everything else is accessible by bike. Trust me, he means everything. He’s built his own trike and trailer which he’s all set to improve on. … Continue reading Home Made Bike – Reader Submission

Bent to Ride

If you’re going to bike instead of drive, you may as well enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong… I share the passion of the “simple living”, “lower carbon footprint”, “healthy lifestyle”, “auto industry bashing”  crowd.  But when the flame of ideality is spent, leaving just ashes and a warm glow, I realize that what keeps me riding is… Comfort… and the Coolness factor. What? Let me explain. The favourite bike in my stable is my Rans Wave recumbent.  I picked up this beauty second-hand at a local bike shop.  It’s not only fun to ride, but it’s downright comfortable.  No sore … Continue reading Bent to Ride