A response to Ontario’s Cycling Strategy

My thoughts on Ontario’s Cycling Strategy can be summed up pretty easily –> It sucks. Anthony from ibiketo.ca who got me on this topic was a little nicer  … “If someone were to ask me how I would describe Ontario’s new Cycling Strategy in a word I would have to choose one of these: “vague,” “wishy-washy,” or “same-old, same-old” ….” As cyclists our opportunity to provide feedback lasts until the end of January 2013. Take a read of the strategy and provide your feedback to the Province. Links: Link to Government website providing more info and a submit comments button Link to … Continue reading A response to Ontario’s Cycling Strategy

Feedback for Ontario’s Cycling Strategy

I got a fantastic request from ibiketo.ca to encourage the Waterloo cycling community to provide their feedback directly to the Province of Ontario on their ‘Cycling Strategy‘ in addition to posting what I’d like Ontario to do for us cyclists. Ontario has opened up a dialogue with cyclists. But we only have a few weeks before the end of January to give our feedback to their “Cycling Strategy”. Let the province know what you would like to see Ontario do for cyclists. (When you post your comments to the government website post them here as well, broaden all our views.) … Continue reading Feedback for Ontario’s Cycling Strategy