I Love Lucy too

I’ve long been an admirer of Lucy. Ever since the first day she caught my eye with those red flowers on her basket and her ladybug bell. I’ve never met her as she seems to always arrive at work before me. She kind of embarrasses me when I’m leaving work and she’s still there waiting to take her owner home. My first take on Lucy was that it was a cute name and while trying to come up with a title for this blog post, the words ‘I Love Lucy’ sounded oddly familiar. I started wondering just how old that … Continue reading I Love Lucy too

Who’s up for Critical Mass today – Waterloo Park Bandshell 4.45pm

Who’s up for critical mass today? If you are, I’ll see you around 4.45pm at the Waterloo Park Bandshell (Friday July 29 2012). I’ll be sporting my new nutcase watermelen helmet. After my participation on @talklocalwr and hearing primarily Tim Kenyon’s view my take has slightly altered to ‘I shouldn’t need a helmet, but unfortunately there are places on our roads where it is dangerous.’ We’ve been pushed onto the gutters in our communities and until that changes our pathways are filled with unpredicable hazards. When I’m biking short distances or on routes that I deem safe I’ll still drop the … Continue reading Who’s up for Critical Mass today – Waterloo Park Bandshell 4.45pm

Great short on Critical Mass

I still haven’t managed to participate in a critical mass ride yet.  After watching this stellar clip  I want to and even more (it is longish so carve out some time). I am a bit nervous about the Waterloo ride as it’s low in numbers (I’ve seen as few as six participants) which makes running lights at 5pm kind of dangerous. The Waterloo critical mass participants meet at the bandshell in Waterloo Park the last Friday of the month at 4.45 pm. Continue reading Great short on Critical Mass