Over a MILLION rides #WaterlooBikes

John Griffin, City of Waterloo, Cycling Coordinator (among many hats) sent out the following email :) Yay a million rides, though not quite critical mass …. What number of counted rides would equate to critical mass in Kitchener/Waterloo? Good morning folks!    There’s something happening in #ActiveWaterloo!       1 Million ?  Are you sure ?   I remember a meeting last fall and Graham Roe said to me “We need to build a better bicycle culture in Waterloo” he was right – and we did it together!   Waterloo officially has an Active culture folks and all of you have helped to … Continue reading Over a MILLION rides #WaterlooBikes

Uptown Streetscape Update – Vote going to Council May 25 2015

Just got word that on May 25th Waterloo City Council will be presented with the Environmental Study Report (ESR), recommending that Council approve the preferred option for segregated bicycle lanes, wider sidewalks etc!! The report will be available on the City’s website the week of May 11th. This has been a long time coming since our first post and start of our petition back in November of 2013! If you can, mark May 25th in your calendar to show support for the proposal, a better option for all people who use King Street!   Continue reading Uptown Streetscape Update – Vote going to Council May 25 2015

Winterloo – Winter Cycling Booth – Come Visit!

WaterlooBikes and TriTAG are teaming up for a Winter Cycling booth at Winterloo featuring a display promoting protected bike lanes on King Street in Uptown. What: Winterloo – Winter Cycling Where: Waterloo Train Station Parking Lot (Caroline & Erb) When: 11am-4pm Saturday & Sunday February 14 & 15. Purpose: Allow people to experience riding different types of winter bicycle tires (skinny non studded, studded, and Diane Freeman will be bringing her Fat Bike for folks to try out.) Let your city and regional councillor’s know you support protected bike lanes on King Street, use TriTAG’s contact form! Winter Bicycle Demo Winter Bike Setups – If … Continue reading Winterloo – Winter Cycling Booth – Come Visit!

2015’s Coldest Ride of the Year – Trip Report

2015’s Coldest Ride of the Year was balmy compared to recent temperatures and yielded a pleasant, friendly ride through Waterloo and Kitchener taking note of new and future bicycle infrastructure projects. (Thanks and shout out to TriTAG for helping to host and organize.) Below is Sylvia Hook modeling the Canadian Winter Cyclist look. The key is no exposed skin, particularly the face using a balaclava and ski goggles. Lots of layers to ensure warmth but you’ll note she also has the ability to quickly shed layers to avoid over heating. Sweating is the quickest path to hypothermia here in the north. Sylvia … Continue reading 2015’s Coldest Ride of the Year – Trip Report

Waterloo Region Elections – Oct 27 2014

Make sure to cast your ballot on Monday, October 27 as our local communities in Waterloo Region gear up to elect new mayors, councilors and trustees. Our friends at TriTAG, have a summary of candidate positions on active transportation issues, ranging from the LRT to our bicycle network strategy. Be informed and encourage your friends and neighbours to vote :) Continue reading Waterloo Region Elections – Oct 27 2014

August 2014 Open Streets and Bicycle Security

I love my home in Waterloo Region. This past weekend was the first at home since before Father’s Day. Being away really helped me see my community through fresh eyes again. There are so many community builders who are helping to shape us into a livable, sustainable city. There were lots of people out to Open Streets Waterloo this past weekend. It surprised me cause my neighbourhood was super quiet, it seemed lots were away, but everyone who was in the city seemed to come to Uptown. It was quite a bizarre mix, kids zone to urban evangelists to crotch rockets to wrestling. … Continue reading August 2014 Open Streets and Bicycle Security