I Love Lucy too

I’ve long been an admirer of Lucy. Ever since the first day she caught my eye with those red flowers on her basket and her ladybug bell. I’ve never met her as she seems to always arrive at work before me. She kind of embarrasses me when I’m leaving work and she’s still there waiting to take her owner home. My first take on Lucy was that it was a cute name and while trying to come up with a title for this blog post, the words ‘I Love Lucy’ sounded oddly familiar. I started wondering just how old that … Continue reading I Love Lucy too

My New Sekine!

This is my new commuting bike. It is a Canadian made Sekine from the mid to late 1970s. I have been looking for a vintage road bike to use as a commuter. I thought I had one back in the spring. I found a great Peugeot at Recycle Cycle in June. I rushed home and talked my wife into getting it for me, for Father’s Day. Unfortunately, when she got down to Recycle Cycle, it had been sold. I kept checking Recycle Cycle and Kijiji over the summer, but didn’t find anything that interested me. I have many reasons for … Continue reading My New Sekine!

Road Rage Rant!

I won’t often use this forum to rant about rude drivers, but today is an exception! I was riding along Lancaster Street, on my way to work yesterday morning. I was just past Union Street and going south. There is a single lane going in each direction. A bus had pulled over to pick up some passengers. Before I pulled out to go around him, I checked my mirror. The closest vehicle was over 100 metres back. When I was abut halfway passed the bus, a driver in a beat-up muscle car roared passed me, driving south in the north-bound … Continue reading Road Rage Rant!

Building with Bikes in Mind

We all get very excited when our city or region builds something with bikes in mind.  It might be something as elaborate as the “complete street” Waterloo turned Davenport Road into, or it might be something simple like Kitchener painting bike lanes on Margaret Avenue.  Heck, some days, I even get excited if I can find a nice place to lock my bike! What about us, though?  Have you ever done any building with bikes in mind?  A few years ago, my wife and I built a sizeable addition on our house.  Outside of the foundation and the gas work, … Continue reading Building with Bikes in Mind

First Annual Winter Bike Ride – Feb 7th 2013

Coldest Ride of the Year – Waterloo Region Thursday, February 7th 2013 starting at 12.15pm To show the region that cycling in the winter is possible our first annual Winter Bike Ride has been proposed for February 7th 2013 from Kitchener City Hall to Waterloo City Hall. The family friendly ride departs at 12.15pm from Kitchener City Hall. We will leisurely and safely, cycle to Waterloo City Hall. February 7th 2013 was determined by Frank from the UW Weather Station as being the coldest day of the year in Waterloo Region. Winter Bike Rides have become a common occurrence in cities across North … Continue reading First Annual Winter Bike Ride – Feb 7th 2013