It happens to many of us. It’s not just the monetary value that causes the hurt. Our bike no matter the style becomes part of us, we personify our ride. It shares our memories of grand adventures, and beautiful scenery and near death experiences (whether on the roads or in the hydro-cut). Whenever we get contacted by someone who’s had their bike stolen we’ll post a picture and description of their bike, in hopes that someone might see it before it’s chopped up and sent away for parts. All bikes are special. Hi, My bike was stolen yesterday at around noon … Continue reading Unfortunate

Addressing Region’s concerns about off-street bicycle lanes on University Avenue

The Region of Waterloo is reconstructing University Avenue between Erb Street and Keats Way, and rather than building off-street bicycle paths that would be accessible to people of all ages and cycling ability, staff are recommending on-street painted bicycle lanes.  Let’s take a look at the reasoning behind this decision. In my first post about this project, I responded to the rationale given in the public consultation materials to dismiss “cycle tracks”: that they are expensive and difficult to maintain in winter.  In short, while these are both true about the version of cycle track they considered (immediately adjacent to the … Continue reading Addressing Region’s concerns about off-street bicycle lanes on University Avenue

University Avenue Reconstruction update

Last week, I criticized regional staff’s recommendation of painted on-street bike lanes in the planned reconstruction of Universty Avenue between Erb Street and Keats Way.  The matter was about to go before the Planning and Works committee for approval.

Here is the road cross-section the report recommended:


I attended the P&W Committee meeting to delegate on behalf of TriTAG, a transportation advocacy organization for more balanced and efficient transport in our region.  My main points were:
– The notion that off-street bicycle paths would disrupt the continuity of cycling along the corridor is factually incorrect.
– A fully off-street (i.e. in-boulevard) bicycle path would have neither of the disadvantages staff used to dismiss cycle tracks: it would not be any more expensive than on-street lanes, and it would actually be easier to effectively maintain in winter.

The full text of my delegation is included at the bottom of this post.

Here’s what I had in mind:


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Preparations for tonight’s Uptown Streetscape Vote

To be honest, I’m so excited. I never thought in my wildest dreams we’d have any chance of protected bicycle lanes on King Street in Waterloo. It’s been an amazing journey (that started with this post and also this petition)! In addition to the amazing 1000 folks who took the time to sign the petition for protected bike lanes: three people come to mind who helped spark the change to get protected bike lanes in the recommended design, because when this was first tabled, protected bike lanes weren’t part of the conversation. The first is Marie Snyder who blogs over at … Continue reading Preparations for tonight’s Uptown Streetscape Vote