Do you have a bike to donate to a grade 5 kid in Waterloo Region?

I’ve been volunteering for the past 2 years with a group called Cycling into the Future. I’m really excited about this organization and its mission. They take the Recycling playbook and forget about the adults who are addicted to the automobile and instead focus on our next generation of leaders. They’ve created curriculum for grade 5 students where they learn how to bike on our roads. Anyways, this program needs more bicycles so all grade 5’s they teach can have a bicycle. I know they need at least 6 bicycles for next week’s program at Elizabeth Ziegler school and that’s … Continue reading Do you have a bike to donate to a grade 5 kid in Waterloo Region?

Over a MILLION rides #WaterlooBikes

John Griffin, City of Waterloo, Cycling Coordinator (among many hats) sent out the following email :) Yay a million rides, though not quite critical mass …. What number of counted rides would equate to critical mass in Kitchener/Waterloo? Good morning folks!    There’s something happening in #ActiveWaterloo!       1 Million ?  Are you sure ?   I remember a meeting last fall and Graham Roe said to me “We need to build a better bicycle culture in Waterloo” he was right – and we did it together!   Waterloo officially has an Active culture folks and all of you have helped to … Continue reading Over a MILLION rides #WaterlooBikes

Gaelen Merrit’s Open Letter to Waterloo Region Record

My <Gaelen Merrit> open letter to Waterloo Region Record: I am writing this letter in response to Paige Desmond’s article regarding the recent abolition of the “no cycling two abreast” bylaw in the Region (…/6688588-side-by-side-cycling-gets-…), and in general the majority of articles written by this newspaper on the topic. The article does not provide an opinion/quote from a) a qualified expert on the subject or b) the opinion of someone most affected by this change – a cyclist! In fact, the only quotes are doomsday reckoning “cyclists will be dead right” and “we already have it hard enough with cyclists … Continue reading Gaelen Merrit’s Open Letter to Waterloo Region Record

Spur Line Trail – Public Drop-in – Feb 26 6.30pm

Tonight I’m heading to the Spur Line public information drop-in. It’s Thursday Feb 26 2015 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. It’s at the Region of Waterloo Office – Front Lobby (150 Frederick Street, Kitchener). (She tells me there’s going to be pie and punch). The Spur line is a leisurely rail line (that at times carries hazardous materials through our neighbourhoods) that goes from the Kitchener Via / Go station connecting with Uptown Waterloo (it actually goes all the way to St Jacobs and Elmira but that’s a different project). This pathway is already well established and has been used for … Continue reading Spur Line Trail – Public Drop-in – Feb 26 6.30pm

10 Winter Riding Rules [guest post]

You should nose that Kleenex is necessary. Dressing for the ride will take as long as the ride. Learn to be at peace with your own company. If 3 layers are good, 4 are better. Road choice is hard because main roads are busy but clearer of snow and side roads are more slippery but have fewer cars. Ride down the centre of side roads, they are melted because cars going both ways use the centre area.  Keep looking for traffic. Hill climbing is good exercise because you can’t go fast on the flat or downhill. Don’t brake and turn … Continue reading 10 Winter Riding Rules [guest post]