Road Rage Rant!

I won’t often use this forum to rant about rude drivers, but today is an exception! I was riding along Lancaster Street, on my way to work yesterday morning. I was just past Union Street and going south. There is a single lane going in each direction. A bus had pulled over to pick up some passengers. Before I pulled out to go around him, I checked my mirror. The closest vehicle was over 100 metres back. When I was abut halfway passed the bus, a driver in a beat-up muscle car roared passed me, driving south in the north-bound … Continue reading Road Rage Rant!

When will Disney make the movie BICYCLES

Over the last couple months I’ve watched Disney’s movie ‘Cars‘ a couple of times and have been shocked over the pro-car propaganda I witnessed and yet still found myself still liking the movie. I wonder how much the Big Three paid for that infomercial. I couldn’t think of a single kids movie or show that cherished the bicycle. Well tonight that changed. My daughter brought home a book about a girl who wanted a pony for her birthday. (At first I wanted to kick the librarian in the nards. Who gives 5 year olds books about asking for ponies). Well this … Continue reading When will Disney make the movie BICYCLES

My friend’s bicycle was stolen this morning

Remember how that feels?  I’m sure many of you have had a bike stolen at some point, it’s kind of par for the course in bike ownership. There’s the hassle of reporting it. Calling the police. Calling the insurance company. The feeling of loss, especially if the bike holds sentimental value. . Wondering, what am I going to ride tomorrow … Then there’s that feeling that another human being took something that was yours.  Someone invaded your personal space and took something. A silent  frustration. Unless of course it happened to snow in the morning. And you can see the boot prints … Continue reading My friend’s bicycle was stolen this morning

A response to Ontario’s Cycling Strategy

My thoughts on Ontario’s Cycling Strategy can be summed up pretty easily –> It sucks. Anthony from who got me on this topic was a little nicer  … “If someone were to ask me how I would describe Ontario’s new Cycling Strategy in a word I would have to choose one of these: “vague,” “wishy-washy,” or “same-old, same-old” ….” As cyclists our opportunity to provide feedback lasts until the end of January 2013. Take a read of the strategy and provide your feedback to the Province. Links: Link to Government website providing more info and a submit comments button Link to … Continue reading A response to Ontario’s Cycling Strategy