Rob’s Links

This is a tremendous idea for generating interest in bike commuting and finding those within companies willing to champion the cause. Cool blog about saving money. The entry is about essential gear for bicycle commute. This video assuages my fears about winter biking in Waterloo. This guy is from Calgary. If it’s possible in Calgary, it’s possible in Waterloo. This type of cycling attire would make commuting by bike an easier sell. At least to males. I found this quote on a blog I read. “The automobile has not merely taken over the street, it has dissolved the living tissue … Continue reading Rob’s Links

thrown from the nest

Sometimes you need to be thrown from the nest. I consider my self pretty lucky working at Agfa up on Phillip Street, we’ve got showers, change-rooms, indoor bike storage and even cash incentives to take alternate transportation.  But last month I was thrown for a loop. Our landlords had a building inspector visit. They were checking a new bulkhead that happened to be in the stairwell where we’ve packed our bikes. Apparently it’s a no-no. So there I was thrown from my nest. My routine of running and cycling to and from work was disrupted. My one-car, small family lifestyle at risk. … Continue reading thrown from the nest