August 2014 Open Streets and Bicycle Security

I love my home in Waterloo Region. This past weekend was the first at home since before Father’s Day. Being away really helped me see my community through fresh eyes again. There are so many community builders who are helping to shape us into a livable, sustainable city. There were lots of people out to Open Streets Waterloo this past weekend. It surprised me cause my neighbourhood was super quiet, it seemed lots were away, but everyone who was in the city seemed to come to Uptown. It was quite a bizarre mix, kids zone to urban evangelists to crotch rockets to wrestling. … Continue reading August 2014 Open Streets and Bicycle Security

How to save your bicycle from becoming Community Property

Lock your bike properly, otherwise it becomes community property! Use a solid U-type lock and lock the rear wheel to the frame and something solid Use a cable and lock the front wheel to the frame. Use a smaller cable and lock the seat to the frame (I generally leave this lock on my bike all the time). This morning drinking my grizzly bear coffee, I came across a facebook post by Momentum Mag. It a picture of locking their bike up, forgetting to lock the seat. I didn’t even bother to click their link, I just went straight to Hal’s famous … Continue reading How to save your bicycle from becoming Community Property

Have you seen this bicycle? Another stolen bike

Have you seen this bicycle? It’s a 2013 Brodie Section 8, metallic blue. It was stolen from a friend in Uptown Waterloo. Let us know if you see it. You can just see the disappointment that a stolen bike brings to her eyes. It’s unfortunate that so many of us can relate. The thief left their current ride, a full suspension Super Cycle behind, it was a definite trade up for this thief. Unfortunately the trade-in didn’t stick around long, a Waterloo Region police officer stopped by to pick up the Super Cycle. My friend felt like she just had … Continue reading Have you seen this bicycle? Another stolen bike

My New Sekine!

This is my new commuting bike. It is a Canadian made Sekine from the mid to late 1970s. I have been looking for a vintage road bike to use as a commuter. I thought I had one back in the spring. I found a great Peugeot at Recycle Cycle in June. I rushed home and talked my wife into getting it for me, for Father’s Day. Unfortunately, when she got down to Recycle Cycle, it had been sold. I kept checking Recycle Cycle and Kijiji over the summer, but didn’t find anything that interested me. I have many reasons for … Continue reading My New Sekine!

Criteria for choosing a Bicycle Rack

What criteria should an organization consider when purchasing a bicycle rack? Here’s my quick answer. What would you add? Any recommendations? (I like the ones in Uptown Waterloo that feature a heavy duty steel ring afixed to a solid steel post buried in concrete. I also kind of like the stuff from Location Close to the main entrance areas Good visibility Good lighting High pedestrian traffic Good view from within the building Characteristics Frame height and contacts the bicycle in two spots to keep the bike upright. Anchored to the ground, immovable. Great if the steel is coated in vinyl or … Continue reading Criteria for choosing a Bicycle Rack