2013 in review – WaterlooBikes

2013 will be a true springboard year for the WaterlooBikes community. We welcomed a few new writers giving all of us a spark. This year saw a first as WaterlooBikes stepped out of the realm of the internets and into the physical world, setting up a booth celebrating lifestyle cycling at NightShift. It was a blast, and this Baboe cargo bike was a definite hit. The springboard is the King Street redesign petition for protected bike lanes. It’s been our most engaging topic ever. It’s given us a taste for working ahead of the curve to impact change within our region. A shout … Continue reading 2013 in review – WaterlooBikes

Critique of Uptown Waterloo Bike Lane Plan

The City and Region of Waterloo are working together with IBI Group consultants to design a new streetscape for King Street in uptown Waterloo from University Avenue to Erb Street. There was a public consultation on Wednesday, at which I and many others gave suggestions to improve the design. Its designers describe it as standard practice, and they are exactly correct. It represents absolutely no improvement over the design of our current bicycle lanes. In other words, it is only suitable for “cyclists”, not just any average citizen who may wish to cycle to their destination. It is important to remember that … Continue reading Critique of Uptown Waterloo Bike Lane Plan

Book Review: The Bear’s Bicycle by Emilie Warren McLeod

I was reading ‘The Bears Bicycle’ by Emilie Warren McLeod to my kids tonight and was so impressed I figured I should share it. I love how it encourages safe cycling. Here’s a preview. My favourite page is the dooring one.  Maybe next time I’ll try reading them the MTO kids bicycle riding guide.             Continue reading Book Review: The Bear’s Bicycle by Emilie Warren McLeod

REVIEW: Community Access Bike Share in Kitchener Waterloo

One of the most exciting things I’ve done over the last couple weeks is take out a Bike Share membership with CAB (Community Access Bike Share). The more I use the service the more excited I get about my $30 expenditure. Its a made for Waterloo Region in Waterloo Region, people oriented, affordable bike share that I hope becomes more accessible to the rest of Waterloo Region.  It’s a non-profit service where as a community we’re going to discover what it means to share a bicycle (the sesame street sense of the word). Support K-Ws CAB bike share by registering today, … Continue reading REVIEW: Community Access Bike Share in Kitchener Waterloo

My New Sekine!

This is my new commuting bike. It is a Canadian made Sekine from the mid to late 1970s. I have been looking for a vintage road bike to use as a commuter. I thought I had one back in the spring. I found a great Peugeot at Recycle Cycle in June. I rushed home and talked my wife into getting it for me, for Father’s Day. Unfortunately, when she got down to Recycle Cycle, it had been sold. I kept checking Recycle Cycle and Kijiji over the summer, but didn’t find anything that interested me. I have many reasons for … Continue reading My New Sekine!

The “Stella” by Light & Motion – Gear Review

I got this light at the Adventure Guide members’ sale last week. It was regularly priced at $150 and marked down by 40%. I checked the price on MEC’s website. It was also listed at $150. The 40% discount means I paid about $89 for it. However, I had a gift card that my son gave me for Christmas and also had some Adventure Guide bucks saved up. The out of pocket cost to me was about $25. I’m not a fan of spending a lot of money on gear! The light straps to the handlebars and the battery easily … Continue reading The “Stella” by Light & Motion – Gear Review