King Street Redesign Update – April 2014

Remember that petition for protected bicycle lanes? Well it hasn’t been forgotten … yet :) I attended the Waterloo Advisory Committee for Active Transportation meeting last week and received a very encouraging update from city staff. Waterloo has indeed proposed protected bicycle lanes to the Region and is waiting for Regional approval of the plans before presenting to for another public consultation or to City and Regional councils for approval. The region has asked for a number of refinements to ensure the protected lane’s re-integration into traffic across the various intersections are safe. It’s something that hasn’t been done in the Region and they … Continue reading King Street Redesign Update – April 2014

City of Waterloo offering CAN-BIKE 2 course – spots available

I just signed up for the City of Waterloo sponsored CAN-Bike 2 course that starts April 24th. It’s 18 hours of utilitarian (commuter, recreational) cycling instruction. Sources indicate it’ll turn a nervous side-walk cyclist into a confident commuter (check out Bill Beans recent post). [update April 3 2014 5pm – 2 spots left in the course] At first glance it seems like a lot of time (and money) just to ride on the road where I feel confident to begin with. So why did I sign up: It’s a pre-requisite course for CAN-Bike‘s instructor course / certification which I’d like to … Continue reading City of Waterloo offering CAN-BIKE 2 course – spots available

2013 in review – WaterlooBikes

2013 will be a true springboard year for the WaterlooBikes community. We welcomed a few new writers giving all of us a spark. This year saw a first as WaterlooBikes stepped out of the realm of the internets and into the physical world, setting up a booth celebrating lifestyle cycling at NightShift. It was a blast, and this Baboe cargo bike was a definite hit. The springboard is the King Street redesign petition for protected bike lanes. It’s been our most engaging topic ever. It’s given us a taste for working ahead of the curve to impact change within our region. A shout … Continue reading 2013 in review – WaterlooBikes

Update: Petition for protected bicycle lanes for King Street’s redesign

The petition for protected bicycle lanes on King Street’s redesign has just under 900 signatures as we begin 2014.  We’ve kept the petition open but are not actively seeking signatures as we believe our voice has been heard. The King Street redesign team indicates they’ve created additional options. The encouraging tone of correspondence leads us to believe protected bicycle lanes will be put forward as an option.  There are also plans underway for either another public information night or a formal presentation and open community discussion with City Council. Both Barb Magee Turner and Melissa Durell have indicated they are … Continue reading Update: Petition for protected bicycle lanes for King Street’s redesign

David vs Goliath – Specialized takes on a bicycle shop / cafe

Last week, like many cycling enthusiasts I switched up my twitter name to be ‘Graham Roe / Roubaix‘. Earlier in 2013 Specialized sent a small bike shop owner, Dan Richter a  cease and desist letter over his its use of the city name Roubaix in its shop name Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio. Over the past few weeks word got out among the cycling crowd about these bullying tactics and an overwhelming amount of support exploded in favour of small bike shop. The outpouring of support forced Specialized to ‘work out a deal’ where it looks like the cafe will continue … Continue reading David vs Goliath – Specialized takes on a bicycle shop / cafe