Yo Winter, Smell Ya Later

It’s looking like Winter gives up its last gasp today and what a winter its been. This year I finally went out and got winter footwear, goodbye day hikers, goodbye frostbitten toes. It was my favourite winter purchase! (Warm footwear was my top lesson from the 2014 winter season). Idea for next year: The communal Plow. I’ve got 8 months or so to build a few. Would anyone be interested in pulling? Inspired by Calgarians who forced their cities hand into winter maintenance. Continue reading Yo Winter, Smell Ya Later

Introducing. . . Helga III

I am planning on doing a couple of posts on winter riding. Over the last few years, a lot more information about winter riding has been shared. A few short years ago, it was difficult to find advice on riding through the winter. These posts are based mostly on learning through experience and reflect what I do to get ready to ride through the chilly season. This first post is on the all important steed! All my winter bikes have been named Helga. She was tougher than Hagar, and a bike has to be pretty tough to make it through … Continue reading Introducing. . . Helga III

My New Sekine!

This is my new commuting bike. It is a Canadian made Sekine from the mid to late 1970s. I have been looking for a vintage road bike to use as a commuter. I thought I had one back in the spring. I found a great Peugeot at Recycle Cycle in June. I rushed home and talked my wife into getting it for me, for Father’s Day. Unfortunately, when she got down to Recycle Cycle, it had been sold. I kept checking Recycle Cycle and Kijiji over the summer, but didn’t find anything that interested me. I have many reasons for … Continue reading My New Sekine!

Davenport Grand Opening – Aug 7th Party Time

Spreading the word (again) as my neighbourhood association passed on an email from the City of Waterloo with a poster for August 7th’s Davenport Street Party (10 am and 1 pm) and a notification that  Davenport Road will be closed to car traffic. Refer to the cities website for more details of the project. Reading the fine print makes it sound enticing … free bike tune-up from sport chek (well it’s better than no tune-up and I’ve got four bikes to pick from), draw for a free bike, skate board demo from West 49 Flow team (video clip is cool) … Continue reading Davenport Grand Opening – Aug 7th Party Time


Trek’s Soho DLX ranks as a fail in my repertoire.   I prayed it it would be the ultimate commuter bike for the winter, but alas somethings are too good to be true. [Refer to Part 2 & Part 3 of the Soho Belt Drive Saga.] This is a sweet, sweet ride. An upright, sporty commuter bike, metal fenders, a bike rack, disk brakes, a rubber bumper on the  top tube and an 8-speed internal hub.  Even the dollar-store coffee mug looks good. BUT  Trek should have stopped there and left out the belt drive for their northern friends (MEC … Continue reading REVIEW: Trek Soho DLX – FAIL

Well Rounded – Wheel Rounding on a Budget

The first time I tried to true my own rear bicycle rim was an unmitigated disaster. It was the first time I’d attempted a truing, so I had no idea what to expect. It’s not an article on truing, so I’ll skip the description of my ineptitude. Suffice to say that it was hilarious…. If you weren’t me. The important point was that it was taking forever. Convinced of my incompetence I was sure that persistence was the key to a trued wheel. So I kept tightening. But the damn thing would not go true. Whenever I rode it and … Continue reading Well Rounded – Wheel Rounding on a Budget