Bikeabout in Switzerland

I just got back from a week long business trip in Switzerland. One of the best trips I ever took. I mean, business is business, but apart from that. The opportunity arose to do some cycling in the Swiss countryside outside Bern where I was staying. This isn’t in the Alps, but the hills were bigger and steeper than what you find in SW Ontario. So I felt the thing to do is get an assist bike instead of a regular pedal bike. This proved a stroke of genius as I motored past the traditional cyclists when ascending the steep … Continue reading Bikeabout in Switzerland

Repost: [LOABkw] Tools of the Trade via Waterloons

This summer I’ve enjoyed Chris Klein’s series called Life on a Bike (LOABkw) from Waterloons. One of the earlier ones is a classic how-to, which I’m reposting with permission follows. Thanks Chris! [LOABkw] Tools of the trade Posted by Chris Klein Life On A Bike in KW is a series of posts about Chris’ attempt to get as much done as possible on two wheels, while Erin takes the car out of town to observe birds. How cycle-friendly is KW? Erin is now at Rock Point, banding birds. I am officially car-less. More or less. For instance, I booked a car rental for the weekend after … Continue reading Repost: [LOABkw] Tools of the Trade via Waterloons

First Uptown Bike & Shine was a blast

The first annual Uptown bicycle Show and Shine was a blast.  A diverse crowd of bikes and every owner had a great story to share about their bicycle. A few shops from the area were present; the kind host was King Street Cycles, Eastside Cycles, The Fix and Backpeddling. They were all laid back and their love for all things bicycle was on display. You can’t help but admire their passion. I wish there had been a place for commuting, there were a number of classic cruisers but the commuter was not one of the bicycles being celebrated on this night. … Continue reading First Uptown Bike & Shine was a blast

I’m in Love: Extra Cycled Electra Amsterdam Review

The Waterloo Jazz Festival was this weekend, it’s all about sultry soul felt improvisation that’s straight from the heart. That’s exactly how I’d describe my good friend’s bike the Electra Amsterdam complete with an extra cycle that’s accessorized with a custom deck. As soon as I started riding this bicycle I realized this was a special moment: it was the first time I’ve ridden a comfort bicycle since my all-things-bicycle awakening two years ago. I know I borrowed many a comfort bicycle while living in Badhoevedorp and Hoofddorp in the late ’80s but I didn’t have an appreciation of them, in fact … Continue reading I’m in Love: Extra Cycled Electra Amsterdam Review

Artist / Landscaper rides a bicycle

A few days ago I was walking home for lunch and noticed a landscaper who hauled his tools around by bike. Of course I had to stop and ask if I could take a few pictures to post on WaterlooBikes :) Robert Achtemichuk is not only a beautiful landscaper but is also an extraordinary artist. (check out more of his works here). If you’re looking for a landscaper or an artist, particularly one who rides a bicycle you can contact Robert at 1.519.745.4563 or via email at I remember our parting conversation because it kind of haunts me. As I left … Continue reading Artist / Landscaper rides a bicycle