Over a MILLION rides #WaterlooBikes

John Griffin, City of Waterloo, Cycling Coordinator (among many hats) sent out the following email :) Yay a million rides, though not quite critical mass …. What number of counted rides would equate to critical mass in Kitchener/Waterloo? Good morning folks!    There’s something happening in #ActiveWaterloo!       1 Million ?  Are you sure ?   I remember a meeting last fall and Graham Roe said to me “We need to build a better bicycle culture in Waterloo” he was right – and we did it together!   Waterloo officially has an Active culture folks and all of you have helped to … Continue reading Over a MILLION rides #WaterlooBikes

Coldest Ride of the Year – Feb 7th

Quick reminder for today’s Coldest Ride of the Year, hosted by the Kitchener ATAC (www.bikekitchener.ca). Free hot chocolate will be provided while donations will be accepted towards Lutherwood’s Youth Residential Treatment Centre Bicycle Program. Hot Chocolate will be served at 5pm while the leisurely ride will depart at 5pm. Bundle up, it’ll be a wee bit cold at least compared to last year’s balmy weather. This is by far the most challenging Winter we’ve had in a while. Challenging for all modes of transit as it’s been a winter we haven’t seen in a while. I’ve been pretty impressed with Kitchener’s … Continue reading Coldest Ride of the Year – Feb 7th

I Love Lucy too

I’ve long been an admirer of Lucy. Ever since the first day she caught my eye with those red flowers on her basket and her ladybug bell. I’ve never met her as she seems to always arrive at work before me. She kind of embarrasses me when I’m leaving work and she’s still there waiting to take her owner home. My first take on Lucy was that it was a cute name and while trying to come up with a title for this blog post, the words ‘I Love Lucy’ sounded oddly familiar. I started wondering just how old that … Continue reading I Love Lucy too