A note to the Danish tourists who are horrified by our car culture

Dear Horrified Danish Tourists, (i wish i had a photo of a horrified danish tourist) There are a number of Canadians (lots actually) who are likewise horrified and are working to change car culture, lessen the need for parking lots, refuse to be traffic, live active life styles and are working out meaningful community #waterloobikes #awesome via National Post – link An open letter to the people who hold power and responsibility in Canada, My girlfriend and I (Danish) were tourists in your country for 5 weeks this summer. We had the most incredible adventure and met the most wonderful … Continue reading A note to the Danish tourists who are horrified by our car culture

Uptown Protected Bike Lanes – June 12 deadline

June 12 is the last day to submit comments on the ‘new’ street plan for King Street, Waterloo. Make sure the city recognizes that we’re asking for protected bike lanes, not deathrows or painted gutters! To be sure the city / regional team’s preference is against protected bike lanes (refer to Appendix D: Evaluation of Final Alternatives). Make you voice heard! Let’s build the community we want to live in for the next 20 years. Your voice is important! (Check out TriTAG’s bike uptown slide deck asking where you’d rather bike.) New option – May 29 2013 (via City of Waterloo pdf) Comments … Continue reading Uptown Protected Bike Lanes – June 12 deadline

I Punched Graham This Morning!

I punched him because he’s so impatient and couldn’t wait for me to write this post about biking to go cross country skiing.  He was in such a rush, he even made a spelling mistake! Over the last three years, I have become pretty focused on using my bike as my primarily means of getting around Kitchener-Waterloo.  My wife and I have three teenage sons, and until recently, two vehicles.  I have been advocating getting rid of the car and just having one vehicle, for a couple of years now.  My wife takes the mini-van to work, and my oldest … Continue reading I Punched Graham This Morning!

Transporting Ski’s by Bicycle

‘I should have thought of that!’ For a while now I’ve been pondering how to transport my XC ski’s by bike (ever since ski-muting to work a few years back). Chris Harrison’s profile pic proves this is pretty easy (that’s the genius of it). See you in the bush, by bicycle. If you want more info about skiing in Waterloo Region, look no further than the Waterloo Region Nordic Sports Club (WRNSC) Continue reading Transporting Ski’s by Bicycle