Toronto Cyclist Death Coverage on CBC

You are probably already aware of the tragic death of a cyclist in Toronto yesterday. It’s terrible, tragic, and all around sad news. Those things go without saying (highlighted here so you don’t think I’m an unfeeling robot). I waited until today to put up a comment because I really want to see how the coverage would evolve. I grew more and more angry with this piece by CBC as they updated it throughout the day yesterday. After Mr. Meslin’s fine quote on the situation, the TPS constable is given the floor. Most egregious fear mongering he does is speculate that … Continue reading Toronto Cyclist Death Coverage on CBC

Overtaking at a Stop Light

Got a inquiry through our contact page. I admit that I don’t know the law in this case. Read this, then I’ll describe how I handle the traffic situation described. There was a line of about 15 cars all stopped at a red light and I was passing on the right between the vehicles and the curb. Most roads on my commute are wide enough that I have more than enough space between the cars and the curb to cycle in. One of the motorists in this line saw me coming in his rear view mirror and when I was a couple … Continue reading Overtaking at a Stop Light

Bike Parking, the Good and the Bad

We did pretty well with crowdsourcing some winter cycling tips so maybe we can try that again. Comment on this post if you have anything to say at all about bike parking where you live/work/shop. My work recently moved from a building that we were subletting to a new building where we would be the only tenant. Our previous location’s bike parking facilities were handled by the landlord and volume was quite generous. When we moved, the building was still under construction and there were no bike racks at all. We were asked to park across the street at another business’s bike … Continue reading Bike Parking, the Good and the Bad

Winter Cycling Tips

There’s a definite chill in the air over the past week. My thoughts are turning to those dark and slippery commutes of winter. I’ve only gone through one winter cycling every day (well, most days). I was super anxious about it though. I wasn’t sure what special measures to take when the weather turned cold and snow started to fall. I thought maybe we could gather some tips here from readership about the differences between winter and summer cycling. So let’s collaborate a bit. Can we make a list of tips for locals who are following along and thinking about … Continue reading Winter Cycling Tips

Yet Another Sidewalk Cycling Post

So, we’re not the first blog to go on record about the sidewalk cycling issue, we’re probably in the minority on the side we take though (I actually haven’t checked with Graham on that so he might lay into me a bit for this). The first thing I want you to do before reading on is to forget about the letter of the law. I know it’ll be tough for some who view the law as the divine word, but try. After all, the laws are fine, but they do change from time to time when they no longer make … Continue reading Yet Another Sidewalk Cycling Post

Iron Horse Questions

I’ve been down the Laurel/Iron Horse exactly twice. Both times I was going to Recycle Cycles. When I got an email about the state of the trail at various times of the year, I had no idea. Graham might know better, but he only uses the trail south to Waterloo Town Square. Can anyone answer these questions about the Iron Horse? Is the whole Iron Horse trail maintained during Winter? Once students are there, how much extra time should I budget for getting to and from work due by pedestrians and runners? the Iron Horse trail crosses many streets.  Is … Continue reading Iron Horse Questions