Bikeabout in Switzerland

I just got back from a week long business trip in Switzerland. One of the best trips I ever took. I mean, business is business, but apart from that. The opportunity arose to do some cycling in the Swiss countryside outside Bern where I was staying. This isn’t in the Alps, but the hills were bigger and steeper than what you find in SW Ontario. So I felt the thing to do is get an assist bike instead of a regular pedal bike. This proved a stroke of genius as I motored past the traditional cyclists when ascending the steep … Continue reading Bikeabout in Switzerland

Traffic Filtering on a Bicycle

One of the great advantages of riding a bike is its size. Often in traffic that’s a stand-still for automobiles, we can coast right through. By Davenport, I typically pass a good 30 cars every morning and every evening as they wait for lights to change. When faced with a situation like this, what’s the proper move? I’m sure some folks would chime in that I should wait my turn like the other ‘vehicles’. But hey, this mess is the whole reason I gave up driving my car to work. So nuts to that. Bikes are small, and should be … Continue reading Traffic Filtering on a Bicycle

Memorial Ride

If you’re from the local area then you may already be aware of a memorial ride for Barrie Conrod this weekend. We are getting lots of requests to post the details here as well. Family, Friends, Cyclists and supporting community in the Kitchener/Waterloo area are invited to put on a white shirt and participate in a group ride to celebrate the life of Barrie Conrod, a cyclist very much loved by his family and community. Barrie and his wife were riding on Herrgott Road near Boomer Line when he was struck from behind by an SUV this past Sunday. This … Continue reading Memorial Ride

Re-invigorated and Some News

This weather and the time change has me energized once again about biking. I pumped up the tires today and tomorrow will be a bike ride to work for the first time since Fall 2011. There’s also news from a reader who clued us in to some plans that are simmering regarding Car Free Sundays in Kitchener and Waterloo. I think this ridiculous idea shows how much commitment our local community has for alternatives to cars. Continue reading Re-invigorated and Some News

A Reader Submitted Collision Story

This is a fresh story from a reader that was struck on Friday. Read the record article. I’m a long time year round cyclist, I even opted to get rid of the car last year rather than pay more than it was worth to have it fixed. I’m also the mother of a wonderful two year old boy. I dont want him to grow up in the back seat of a car. We have a chariot bike trailer that we use as our primary means of transportation. This year as soon as the first snowflakes began to fall it was … Continue reading A Reader Submitted Collision Story