New Fixit Bike Stand at Queen and Iron Horse Trail

Early Saturday morning, I stepped out of my house and began my run starting with a 5 minute warm up walk. We made it down Queen street, crossed the street, and was surprised to be greeted by this new fixture! I thought back to Thursday morning and was pretty sure we would have seen this up as we did push ups and step ups on the bench right beside it (and trust me, I don’t think we could have missed this vibrant green thing had we tried!) Here are all the tools available, all tied up so hopefully no one … Continue reading New Fixit Bike Stand at Queen and Iron Horse Trail

My Goals For Cycling this Season

My Fall/Winter biking season didn’t go over so well. Shortly after my last excited blog post, I got sick, and ran into a few complications. While I could have biked sometimes, I just wasn’t feeling so well the rest of the time. Luckily, I’ve made it through surgery and am ready to get back on my bicycle! I will say that I am afraid of biking during the winter. Not just during the winter, but at night in the winter. A lot of my normal commuting bike trails seem un-rideable and I’m faced with using busier roads, which means the … Continue reading My Goals For Cycling this Season

New Blogger: JJ Losier

I want to begin by saying hello to everyone and thank you for the warm welcomes I’ve gotten in the KW area. I am still fairly new to the area, only having moved here the summer before last; I feel Kitchener/Waterloo has so much in store for my future. My name is JJ, and I’m an even newer cyclist to the city. I’ll start by giving you a small spiel about myself. I am a full-time bilingual IT Tech support specialist who works near Conestoga mall. I am 24 years old and going to marry the love of my life … Continue reading New Blogger: JJ Losier