Pavement Everywhere!

Imagine my surprise, when I recently revisited some of my favourite trails only to find them wondrously covered in smooth black pavement.  The photo below is a snapshot of this improvement taken from Queen Street showing the trail entering into Lakeside Park. In fact, not only is this trail paved, but also the path between Queen Street and Highland Road.  My anticipation was further rewarded when I crossed the parking lot at the No Frills store and discovered that the trail along the drainage ditch was paved too — all the way to the Iron Horse Trail! Although it’s a little less … Continue reading Pavement Everywhere!

Winter Biking Tips – Facing the Cold

This is my fourth year riding a bike in the winter. It’s particularly challenging because I live in Canada, where it happens to be cold for a significant part of the year. And it snows. A lot! According to Weather Spark, the cold season in my area starts on December 3 and lasts for nearly 14 weeks. That’s just over three months where the average daily high temperature is below 2°C. I used to think that people who cycled in the winter had fallen off their bike one too many times. Imagine my surprise at discovering  how a couple of … Continue reading Winter Biking Tips – Facing the Cold

Bent to Ride

If you’re going to bike instead of drive, you may as well enjoy it. Don’t get me wrong… I share the passion of the “simple living”, “lower carbon footprint”, “healthy lifestyle”, “auto industry bashing”  crowd.  But when the flame of ideality is spent, leaving just ashes and a warm glow, I realize that what keeps me riding is… Comfort… and the Coolness factor. What? Let me explain. The favourite bike in my stable is my Rans Wave recumbent.  I picked up this beauty second-hand at a local bike shop.  It’s not only fun to ride, but it’s downright comfortable.  No sore … Continue reading Bent to Ride