Spur Line Trail – Public Drop-in – Feb 26 6.30pm

Tonight I’m heading to the Spur Line public information drop-in. It’s Thursday Feb 26 2015 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. It’s at the Region of Waterloo Office – Front Lobby (150 Frederick Street, Kitchener). (She tells me there’s going to be pie and punch). The Spur line is a leisurely rail line (that at times carries hazardous materials through our neighbourhoods) that goes from the Kitchener Via / Go station connecting with Uptown Waterloo (it actually goes all the way to St Jacobs and Elmira but that’s a different project). This pathway is already well established and has been used for … Continue reading Spur Line Trail – Public Drop-in – Feb 26 6.30pm

Advice to a new cyclist?

Every now and then a new cyclists stumbles across this site looking for advice on how to get started commuting by bicycle. I think the best advice is to just start, but with cycling its often a bit more complicated cause you first need a bicycle. Here’s our correspondence….. I stumbled on this website through Facebook and the winter cycling booth.  I’m a young student who would like to start biking, but I don’t know where to start! I have a brother in Toronto that is encouraging me to start but I would like some help in understanding what the … Continue reading Advice to a new cyclist?

10 Winter Riding Rules [guest post]

You should nose that Kleenex is necessary. Dressing for the ride will take as long as the ride. Learn to be at peace with your own company. If 3 layers are good, 4 are better. Road choice is hard because main roads are busy but clearer of snow and side roads are more slippery but have fewer cars. Ride down the centre of side roads, they are melted because cars going both ways use the centre area.  Keep looking for traffic. Hill climbing is good exercise because you can’t go fast on the flat or downhill. Don’t brake and turn … Continue reading 10 Winter Riding Rules [guest post]

Winterloo – Photo Journey of standing outside on the coldest days of my life

When we (WaterlooBikes and TriTAG) talked about a Winter Cycling booth at Winterloo 2015 no one expected the record setting temperatures. Both  days (Feb 14 & 15) had windchill temperatures in the -35C to -41C range. The goal of the booth was to … Continue reading Winterloo – Photo Journey of standing outside on the coldest days of my life

Winterloo – Winter Cycling Booth – Come Visit!

WaterlooBikes and TriTAG are teaming up for a Winter Cycling booth at Winterloo featuring a display promoting protected bike lanes on King Street in Uptown. What: Winterloo – Winter Cycling Where: Waterloo Train Station Parking Lot (Caroline & Erb) When: 11am-4pm Saturday & Sunday February 14 & 15. Purpose: Allow people to experience riding different types of winter bicycle tires (skinny non studded, studded, and Diane Freeman will be bringing her Fat Bike for folks to try out.) Let your city and regional councillor’s know you support protected bike lanes on King Street, use TriTAG’s contact form! Winter Bicycle Demo Winter Bike Setups – If … Continue reading Winterloo – Winter Cycling Booth – Come Visit!

2015’s Coldest Ride of the Year – Trip Report

2015’s Coldest Ride of the Year was balmy compared to recent temperatures and yielded a pleasant, friendly ride through Waterloo and Kitchener taking note of new and future bicycle infrastructure projects. (Thanks and shout out to TriTAG for helping to host and organize.) Below is Sylvia Hook modeling the Canadian Winter Cyclist look. The key is no exposed skin, particularly the face using a balaclava and ski goggles. Lots of layers to ensure warmth but you’ll note she also has the ability to quickly shed layers to avoid over heating. Sweating is the quickest path to hypothermia here in the north. Sylvia … Continue reading 2015’s Coldest Ride of the Year – Trip Report