Road Rage Rant!

I won’t often use this forum to rant about rude drivers, but today is an exception! I was riding along Lancaster Street, on my way to work yesterday morning. I was just past Union Street and going south. There is a single lane going in each direction. A bus had pulled over to pick up some passengers. Before I pulled out to go around him, I checked my mirror. The closest vehicle was over 100 metres back. When I was abut halfway passed the bus, a driver in a beat-up muscle car roared passed me, driving south in the north-bound … Continue reading Road Rage Rant!

Building with Bikes in Mind

We all get very excited when our city or region builds something with bikes in mind.  It might be something as elaborate as the “complete street” Waterloo turned Davenport Road into, or it might be something simple like Kitchener painting bike lanes on Margaret Avenue.  Heck, some days, I even get excited if I can find a nice place to lock my bike! What about us, though?  Have you ever done any building with bikes in mind?  A few years ago, my wife and I built a sizeable addition on our house.  Outside of the foundation and the gas work, … Continue reading Building with Bikes in Mind

I Punched Graham This Morning!

I punched him because he’s so impatient and couldn’t wait for me to write this post about biking to go cross country skiing.  He was in such a rush, he even made a spelling mistake! Over the last three years, I have become pretty focused on using my bike as my primarily means of getting around Kitchener-Waterloo.  My wife and I have three teenage sons, and until recently, two vehicles.  I have been advocating getting rid of the car and just having one vehicle, for a couple of years now.  My wife takes the mini-van to work, and my oldest … Continue reading I Punched Graham This Morning!

The 3-Foot Rule Misunderstood!

Last week, I had an encounter with a driver who misunderstands the 3 foot rule.  I was riding along Queen Street between Belmont and Westmount.  I was riding in the right hand lane, which left the left hand lane open for cars.  Traffic was light.  When I pulled up to the stoplight at Westmount, a guy in an SUV, pulled up in the left hand lane, rolled down the window and started to yell at me.  He was quite irate, and unfortunately, after trying to talk calmly to him and having him shout me down, I responded angrily too.  The … Continue reading The 3-Foot Rule Misunderstood!

Using the Full Lane

This post is making it’s way around facebook currently.  When do you ride in the middle of the lane? 1) Avoiding debris:  About two weeks ago I was riding on Bridgeport Road, where it is one-way, with three lanes.  The right-hand lane is a bit wider than an average lane (it would be nice if they painted a bike lane), so there wasn’t really that much of a problem with sharing the lane.  However, I did come across quite a bit of debris from an accident – glass etc., so I had to move out into the lane.  A car … Continue reading Using the Full Lane

Margaret Ave. Bike Lanes – Take #2

I was riding up Margaret Ave. this afternoon.  The bike lanes are being painted!  They appear mostly complete.  Between Guelph St. and Union St., they’ve moved the yellow line and painted the bike lanes and some parking areas.  Between Victoria St. and Union St. they still have a bit more work to do.  They haven’t moved the yellow line yet, so they’ve only painted the bike lanes where there are no parking areas.  Even so, I felt like I had my own space riding on Margaret Ave. today.  The cars stayed a little farther away from me.  My one area … Continue reading Margaret Ave. Bike Lanes – Take #2