WaterlooBikes is a grassroots community based organization effecting change in the Region of Waterloo. Since 2010, we’ve been leaders in our region’s evolving cycling culture through fostering community among cyclists, advocating for safer cycling infrastructure and providing cycling education.

We are passionate about increasing the number of people cycling confidently, knowledgeably and safely through out Waterloo Region. We will engage cyclist and non-cyclist citizens in the Region of Waterloo in our work by being credible, persuasive and balanced.

If you’ve got a story to share, want to write with us or would like to contact us, either email us (waterloobicycles@gmail.com) or use the feedback forum – we’d love to hear from you.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey you in Waterloo! Thanks for stopping by my site recently. I’ve added a link to Waterloo Bikes from I Cycle Hamilton.

    Have been going around my neighbourhood, and a bit beyond, handing out and posting my calling cards. Will let you know what, if any, the community response is. So far most people, shop owners and those on the street, have reacted quite positively to the card and to what I am trying, that is make Hamilton a more liveable, cycle-friendly city.


  2. Nice to see a cycling blog from Waterloo, ON. I grew up there and moved away to Toronto, Vancouver, etc. We did cycle from Toronto via Guelph to Waterloo. Ended near Elmira. This was over 10 yrs. ago.

    I was stunned by the amount of urban development between Conestoga Mall and St. Jacob’s. Sad. While going to university, I worked at the mall and do remember corn fields right beside the mall.

    Keep blogging about the area, keep riding and draw more local support to develop K-W’s cycling infrastructure.

    am also @ http://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com

    1. Thanks for the vote of encouragement! Waterloo Region is definitely growing and there’s a cycling contingent that’s growing and needs to be more vocal, hopefully we can help.

  3. Thanks a bunch for passing along that link Graham!
    I’ve been slacking off the past couple of weeks and regrettably our local radio media (which is suppose to cover ALL of Niagara), won’t mention stories that make motorists look bad in any way, especially when a cyclist is involved :\

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