Over a MILLION rides #WaterlooBikes

John Griffin, City of Waterloo, Cycling Coordinator (among many hats) sent out the following email :)

Yay a million rides, though not quite critical mass …. What number of counted rides would equate to critical mass in Kitchener/Waterloo?

Good morning folks!    There’s something happening in #ActiveWaterloo!       1 Million ?  Are you sure ?


I remember a meeting last fall and Graham Roe said to me “We need to build a better bicycle culture in Waterloo” he was right – and we did it together!


Waterloo officially has an Active culture folks and all of you have helped to build it. 

  • There’s lots of work left to do but the culture is here ü
  • This committee of Council in partnership with our community partners, internal/external stakeholders has helped Engineer, Encourage, Evaluate & Plan, Enforce, and Educate our community to make it a more Active community ü


Our Waterloo Advisory Committee on Active Transportation set a goal this year to hit 1 Million Active trips across our (10) counters;

As of this morning we have counted 963,429 trips;

There’s 36,571 trips to go;

We are averaging between 4,000 and 6,000 combined trips per day across our counters;

I estimate that the week of October 3rd we’ll have exceeded 1 Million trips in 1 year (2016)!

  • I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the following people and organizations for their hard work, coordination, cycling efforts, support, comments, and suggestions about how to be more Bicycle Friendly:

o  Our own Waterloo Advisory Committee on Active Transportation;

o  Christine Koehler – Acting Director Transportation Operations – City of Waterloo;

o  Christine Tettman – Parking Manager – City of Waterloo;

o  Justin Jones – Share the Road;

o  Philip Martin – Cycling into the Future;

o  Alain Franq – President of the Waterloo Cycling Club;

o  Colleen Cooper – Region of Waterloo Public Health Nurse/CAN-BIKE Power lifter  – Ret.;

o  Jeff Casello – Associate Dean – Undergraduate Studies – Faculty of Environment Associate Professor School of Planning and Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of Waterloo;

o  Stephanie Watson – Region of Waterloo Public Health Nurse/IMPACT Member;

o  Bill Bean – CAN-BIKE Coordinator;

o  Chris Klein & Mike Boos – TriTag;

o  Jane Snyder & Paulina Rodriguez – Community Access Bike Share

o  Danny Pimentel – City of Kitchener;

o  Matthew Sweet – City of Cambridge;

o  Bob Henderson – Region of Waterloo;

o  Geoffrey Keyworth – Region of Waterloo;

o  Al McLeod – Region of Waterloo;

o  Sean Wraight – Province of Ontario;

o  Kevan Marshall – Region of Waterloo;

o  Julie Belanger – Region of Waterloo;


I expect that this usage (these 1 Million trips) will be a significant contribution for our next Share the Road application


Congratulations folks!


Looking for the latest information about ROAD CLOSURES, VEHICLE AND PEDESTRIAN DETOURS ?   

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–          Other road closures and pedestrian detours, click on this link:  http://www.waterloo.ca/en/closures/closures.aspx


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