It happens to many of us. It’s not just the monetary value that causes the hurt. Our bike no matter the style becomes part of us, we personify our ride. It shares our memories of grand adventures, and beautiful scenery and near death experiences (whether on the roads or in the hydro-cut).

Whenever we get contacted by someone who’s had their bike stolen we’ll post a picture and description of their bike, in hopes that someone might see it before it’s chopped up and sent away for parts. All bikes are special.

Hi, My bike was stolen yesterday at around noon in the Bridgeport and Devit area. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This bike is the things that gets me through tough times.


It is a greyb.org bike frame <top speed 70 km/hr a cross between a motorbike and an e-mountain bike>, custom batteries, custom everything. It was a prototype. It’s 52V battery. Has alarm. Fenix headlight. dual hydraulic disks brakes. The rotors look like gold saw blades. Leather seat. Cycle Analyst V3. 26″ Tires, 44mm rear rim, 20mm front axle. Black duct tape covers the hard plastic sides, Velcro straps hold the covers on. Ebikes.ca motor controller. LED Strip turn signals. This hurts me to describe. UGH. Hope this helps! Thank You kindly for Your help!