Yo Winter, Smell Ya Later

It’s looking like Winter gives up its last gasp today and what a winter its been.


This year I finally went out and got winter footwear, goodbye day hikers, goodbye frostbitten toes. It was my favourite winter purchase! (Warm footwear was my top lesson from the 2014 winter season).

IMG_20150210_162852 (1)

Idea for next year:

The communal Plow. I’ve got 8 months or so to build a few. Would anyone be interested in pulling? Inspired by Calgarians who forced their cities hand into winter maintenance.

3 thoughts on “Yo Winter, Smell Ya Later

  1. I wonder if some sort of plow that’s pushed instead of pulled could make more sense — I have a hard enough time riding through deep snow without pulling anything behind my bike.

    1. Could you imagine a plow in front hitting a rock / raised pavement with a bike? I think pulling is the only option. Although I’ve never used a bike to operate a plow :)

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