Spur Line Trail – Public Drop-in – Feb 26 6.30pm

IMG_20140909_203723Tonight I’m heading to the Spur Line public information drop-in. It’s Thursday Feb 26 2015 from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. It’s at the Region of Waterloo Office – Front Lobby (150 Frederick Street, Kitchener).

(She tells me there’s going to be pie and punch).

The Spur line is a leisurely rail line (that at times carries hazardous materials through our neighbourhoods) that goes from the Kitchener Via / Go station connecting with Uptown Waterloo (it actually goes all the way to St Jacobs and Elmira but that’s a different project).

This pathway is already well established and has been used for decades, but it’s pretty stoney and not that comfortable unless its dry out.


I’m curious about a few things:

  • How will safety be addressed, the track goes through some lonely parts of Kitchener. It’s kind of a hidden railway.
  • How will it be linked with the existing train station and the future train station? The current train station is pretty difficult to get to by bike or foot, this could easily be addressed by opening up Ahrens street, at least for pedestrians.
  • It would interesting to connect the trail through Arhens right to the Library, Regional City Hall, the KW Art Gallery and Centre in the Square.
  • 3 meter wide track is too narrow, it would better to separate cycling from foot traffic.]
  • Winter maintenance? Will the SLA between the cities be combined? Ie Iron Horse is better maintained in Kitchener than Waterloo’s portion.
  • Lighting? What will be the frequency of light posts?


6 thoughts on “Spur Line Trail – Public Drop-in – Feb 26 6.30pm

  1. At the previous info secession I asked about a fence or barrier between the path and the tracks. The explanation for no solid barrier was logical. A solid barrier would not allow a adult, child or animal to exit the track area if danger was perceived. The plantings would allow a quick exit.
    I believe a 3m path is sufficient for bikes & pedestrians.

  2. I have another commitment tonight so I can’t make it down there, but I’d love to hear whether there’s any plan for winter-maintenance. Lighting is another thing to consider (goes along with the question about safety); the diagram shows lights, but will it actually be lit? How frequent will the lamp-posts be?

  3. Hmmm….I would think a fence is still necessary all along the train for separation. People are incredibly ..dumb because they will try to outrun the train.

    In Calgary we have surface level LRT for 80% of the entire lines across the city. With traffic lights and barriers for car road control and pedestrians at intersections. There’s fencing along a lot of the lines, to stop people from crossing at illegal areas. Inevitably there are several deaths and car crashes *annually* when human beings try to race across the track at intersections. A train cannot stop on a dime that fast!

  4. The train line although active is pretty lazy :)
    Two trains a day at most, 3-6 cars, 8-10 km/hr. It’s probably ok, but folks will for sure stand back cause it’s intimidating to be 2-3 feet away from these engines :)

    In previous designs, they had considered a low barrier, but it was deemed more dangerous as it would impede people from getting out of the way.

    Our LRT system (currently under construction) will not share track with this section (Kitchener Via Rail Station to Uptown Waterloo) of the Spur Line.

  5. I’ve been on that trail. It’s nothing but a footpath beside a railroad track now, but it is a great idea, something like the Iron Horse on the other side of King St. Access by bicycle to public amenities is ideal.

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