10 Winter Riding Rules [guest post]

  1. You should nose that Kleenex is necessary.
  2. Dressing for the ride will take as long as the ride.
  3. Learn to be at peace with your own company.
  4. If 3 layers are good, 4 are better.
  5. Road choice is hard because main roads are busy but clearer of snow and side roads are more slippery but have fewer cars.
  6. Ride down the centre of side roads, they are melted because cars going both ways use the centre area.  Keep looking for traffic.
  7. Hill climbing is good exercise because you can’t go fast on the flat or downhill.
  8. Don’t brake and turn on ice even with studded tires unless near a fluffy snow bank.
  9. Washing between your toes during the post ride shower is unnecessary …. they didn’t sweat.
  10. Try it and come up with your own rules!

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Guest post by Ed Hummel:

I am a retired teacher and a small business owner. I became serious about cycling about 6 years ago after deciding that if I was going to be healthy I should get off the couch.
I resurrected my 10 year old hybrid bike out of the garage and got hooked. Loving the company of others I joined Waterloo County Wanderers which rides Tues. and Thurs. evenings and then Great Canadian Bike Tours which rides Sundays both in the warmer seasons. I am now a very active member and on their executives. These are road clubs so I own two road bicycles too.
For the last 5 years I have run The Shortest Day of the Year ride on around Dec 21st.
I have become involved to a small extent politically with cycling issues.
The most important aspects for me is the enjoyment, the health benefits followed closely the environmental pluses.


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  1. Sometimes, If it’s necessary to go out, yet the weather outside is frightful, Just call a delivery company. they are great!

  2. When it drops below -20C and your glasses frost up inside your ski mask, mask + no glasses allows you to see better than mask + frosted glasses or no mask + frozen eyeballs.

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