Event: Uptown bike lanes – Take 2

At the last Public Information Centre for the Uptown Streetscape Improvement Project along King Street, City staff received comments on their proposed design, including that the bicycle lanes were too narrow and unsafe-looking.

Now they’ve adjusted the proposed design and are holding another Public Information Centre:

Thursday May 29
Drop in any time 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Location: Waterloo City Hall atrium, 100 Regina Drive, Waterloo

Hope to see you there!


“The City of Waterloo, in association with the Region of Waterloo, is studying ways of improving the streetscape environment along King Street North between the LRT
(Ion) tracks and Central Street in Uptown Waterloo. The objective is to make King Street more accessible for everyone, with a streetscape environment that offers a safe, lively, accessible and attractive place to work, live, shop, learn and play. The improvements are intended to co-ordinate streetscape design elements and improve the quality of business and economic life in Uptown Waterloo.

On November 13, 2013, the last Public Consultation Centre held for this project showed preferred streetscape design changes on King Street between the LRT (Ion) and Central Street. These changes included reducing the existing four travel lanes to two lanes, adding turn lanes and on-road bike lanes, widening sidewalks and retaining existing on-street parking. Many people supported these proposed changes to enhance the pedestrian environment and slow traffic speeds. Many other people have had concerns about two important elements of the preferred plan:

1) the lack of increased accessibility along the street for people with disabilities, and

2) the lack of any separation between the traffic lanes and proposed bike lanes.

In response, the Project Team has now developed an alternative plan that includes:

• Segregated bike lanes separated from traffic either by parked cars or the curb in the section of King Street between Erb Street and Central Street; and

• On-street parking removed from one side of the street to provide sufficient space for the segregated bike lanes while also increasing the sidewalk width along this section of King Street.

The purpose of Public Consultation Centre #4 is to present this new plan to the public for discussion and comment so that the City and Region can select the recommended streetscape improvement plan for King Street and complete the Environmental Assessment. North of Central Street in Uptown Waterloo, the Region of Waterloo is conducting a similar project for streetscape and traffic management improvements along King Street North between Central Street and University Avenue that will also be presented at the following Public Consultation Centre:

Date: Thursday, May 29, 2014
Time: Drop-In Anytime: 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Location: City of Waterloo City Hall, Atrium
100 Regina Street S., Waterloo”