Pavement Everywhere!

Imagine my surprise, when I recently revisited some of my favourite trails only to find them wondrously covered in smooth black pavement.  The photo below is a snapshot of this improvement taken from Queen Street showing the trail entering into Lakeside Park.


In fact, not only is this trail paved, but also the path between Queen Street and Highland Road.  My anticipation was further rewarded when I crossed the parking lot at the No Frills store and discovered that the trail along the drainage ditch was paved too — all the way to the Iron Horse Trail!

Although it’s a little less direct than the usual street routes, I can’t fully describe the pleasure of having my own personal bike highway, uncluttered with fumes and motorcars.  As a commuter, I now have an efficient, safe and fun way of getting all the way from my home in the Forest Heights neighbourhood to downtown Kitchener or uptown Waterloo.  I’m looking forward to going to the market on Saturday more than ever!

It’s an encouraging trend to see this contribution in support of biking as a way of life in our city.  Hope to see similar things happen to the Concordia Park and Meinzinger Park trails soon.


3 thoughts on “Pavement Everywhere!

    1. No, unfortunately, Concordia park has been subject to significant construction abuse over the past two years. It was actually closed for quite a while, but is now open again. At present it is still compacted dirt and gravel.

  1. If you look near the bridge where the trail meets the Iron Horse you’ll notice the “no winter maintenance” sign. It’s a shame too ‘cos that stretch that goes from the Iron Horse along the canal to Food Basics (Lawerence Ave) is a heavily used route for cyclists and pedestrians but the city isn’t clearing snow on it yet… hopefully that’ll change since it’s paved now and the little plows can get down there easier. I’m still glad they paved the trail though and I think there’s plans to keep paving a lot of the paths in the city… the other stretch they paved last year is a trail that runs from Manitou Ave over to end of Wilson at Homer Watson park or whatever that natural area is called.

    There’s the community trails master plan ( that has all sorts of information and plans to create a city-wide linked trail of off-road cycling/pedestrian paths that are paved and even lit at night.

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