Lights of Life takes home $200 from KWAwesome Pitch Night

Brendan did great work for Lights of Life, bringing home $200 from the last KWAwesome Foundation pitch night (March 25th at Little Bean). I’m looking forward to hearing how we can get involved in the next steps.

Saving Lives

Brendan explained that Lights of Life is all about saving lives by putting lights on bicycles. Four hundred lights can be purchased for $1000. The bike lights are given away by mounting them on people’s bicycles who need lights and want to be seen. The $200 will go towards a batch of lights as we seek more sponsors!

As a cyclists I cringe whenever I see someone riding without lights.

KWAWESOME – thrilled to be a spectator

I was thrilled to be a spectator on the evening and the KWAwesome foundation had their work cut out for them as there were 10-11 passionate pitches for a wide variety of interesting projects.

The KWAwesome foundation meets every two months for a pitch night where they give a $1000 cash to a worthy project. Each trustee shows up with $100 cash, since there are 12 trustees, when they all show up they’ve got $200 extra for a people’s choice award. Its a great way to get community building ideas off the ground, or get the funding to complete it.

It was an inspiring evening hearing from passionate people on a wide variety of community ideas.

The winner of the $1000 was for City Canvas Outdoor Mural sponsoured by Welcome Home for the walls of the alley just off of King Street between Morning Glory Cafe and Recycle Cycles. They had a mockup painting and it will be beautiful. The $1000 was well deserved. It will go towards the supplies that will be needed. The total cost of the project was around $14k.

Other Pitches:

  • Spark It – Create a video to promote local performers for their web platform connecting event planners with performers.
  • KW Procession of Species – Earth Day festivities, workshops and a parade. Need funding to pay artists, police escorts. Local organizers connected with the Button Factory.
  • Community Access Bike Share – Adrian was on hand to propose the $1000 would go towards a stipend for a summer intern to support communication initiatives associated with the bike share.
  • Summer Light Festival – Funding for a KW summer nuit blanche festival June 21.
  • Sheet Graphz – Create a workshop space to help parents of kids with DDD (Development Delayed Disorder).
  • Epyc – Venue rental for a youth oriented social startup camp.
  • KW Studio Commons – Equipment to create a studio where people can share their stories – podcasts for your story.

It was also cool to meet the first person awarded $1000, the unknown gardner (fabulous story in the record).