City of Waterloo offering CAN-BIKE 2 course – spots available

I just signed up for the City of Waterloo sponsored CAN-Bike 2 course that starts April 24th. It’s 18 hours of utilitarian (commuter, recreational) cycling instruction. Sources indicate it’ll turn a nervous side-walk cyclist into a confident commuter (check out Bill Beans recent post).

[update April 3 2014 5pm – 2 spots left in the course]

At first glance it seems like a lot of time (and money) just to ride on the road where I feel confident to begin with. So why did I sign up:

  • It’s a pre-requisite course for CAN-Bike‘s instructor course / certification which I’d like to get. I’ve got a few marbles rolling around along the lines of youth cycling education programs.
  • I’m curious what they’re teaching nervous cyclists to help them gain confidence. (Personally protected bike lanes would go a long way to solving these types of issues.)
  • I can always learn more!

Sorry for the cheesy pic!

One thought on “City of Waterloo offering CAN-BIKE 2 course – spots available

  1. Thanks for this post, Graham. As a person who is offering some bicycle training for Grade 5 students this spring, I realize that one of the biggest roadblocks to on-road training for kids is the small number of certified CAN-BIKE instructors in the region.

    This spring I am coordinating a bicycle training pilot project in schools, called “Cycling Into The Future”. The project is set up in cooperation with The City of Kitchener and the Waterloo Region District School Board. I will be working with 7 classes of kids in grade 5, with course components in rules & safety, repair & maintenance, rodeo riding (skill practice) and on-road training.

    One of the reasons this pilot project is small is because of the need for certified CAN-BIKE instructors to do the on-road training component. As you stated in your post, CAN-BIKE 2 is a prerequisite for the CAN-BIKE instructors course. I will see you at the CAN-BIKE 2 course, Graham. I encourage others to take this course too, and consider going on to get instructor qualifications.

    For more information on “Cycling Into The Future”, please send me an email at and I will forward you more stuff.

    Philip Martin

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