Coldest Ride of the Year – Feb 7th

Quick reminder for today’s Coldest Ride of the Year, hosted by the Kitchener ATAC ( Free hot chocolate will be provided while donations will be accepted towards Lutherwood’s Youth Residential Treatment Centre Bicycle Program.

Hot Chocolate will be served at 5pm while the leisurely ride will depart at 5pm. Bundle up, it’ll be a wee bit cold at least compared to last year’s balmy weather.

This is by far the most challenging Winter we’ve had in a while. Challenging for all modes of transit as it’s been a winter we haven’t seen in a while.

I’ve been pretty impressed with Kitchener’s clearing of the Iron Horse trail this winter, even in the snow falls this past week, it was cleared several times during the day (too bad the same couldn’t be said for Waterloo’s portion).

2014-02-03 16.19.00

The other fun challenge is bicycle parking, which for some reason seems to attract mounds of snow.

2014-01-07 16.47.39

One thought on “Coldest Ride of the Year – Feb 7th

  1. Wow. It’s kinda weird for me to see my childhood town ..with the SAME Christmas streetlight decorations from um…40 years ago. And the side of the street in last photo, is approx. the location of the apartment where I grew up on the 2nd floor. That’s downtown Waterloo right?

    Calgary had its first winter cycling celebration, Winterpalooza. We’re kinda slow in giving ourselves credit in winter cycling when there have been a hard core group of cyclists year round. We were 4th or whatever in cities participating in winter cycling.

    Here I am with my partner:

    A winter bike photo booth for any passing cyclist for free photo. It’s a great try next year in K-W. :)

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