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via Darin White - Night Shift light bike photo booth 110
via Darin White – Night Shift light bike photo booth 110

2013 will be a true springboard year for the WaterlooBikes community. We welcomed a few new writers giving all of us a spark.

This year saw a first as WaterlooBikes stepped out of the realm of the internets and into the physical world, setting up a booth celebrating lifestyle cycling at NightShift. It was a blast, and this Baboe cargo bike was a definite hit.

The springboard is the King Street redesign petition for protected bike lanes. It’s been our most engaging topic ever. It’s given us a taste for working ahead of the curve to impact change within our region.

A shout out to Marie Snyder from A Puff of Absurdity who said she’d sign a petition if we created one. Without her spark the petition wouldn’t have happened and I’m not sure WaterlooBikes would be leaping towards this next step (stay tuned for our next post).

2013 top posts tended to be reviews written in previous years:

  1. Trek Allant’s are solid commuters
  2. Trek Soho DLX 2010 sucks (15,000 views since it was written advising folks not to buy this piece of crap that trek refused to refund 2 days post-purchase after snow popped off the belt)
  3. Top 10 Signs You Are a Bike Nut (Stumbleupon loves recommending this quirky post that’ll make you laugh out loud)

Top posts written in 2013:

  1. My ride with the police part 1 and part 2 take top spots (mostly because they were also posted to the bicycling reddit community which eats these types of posts for breakfast)
  2. Waterloo City Councellor struck from behind
  3. Building a University Proof Bike … we need to hear the follow up, why this bike didn’t make it to winter, aka Dec 21 :)

Waterloo Region’s top posts

Our blog’s focus is Waterloo Region so the real stats are those that come from all of you, Waterloo Regionites. 

  1. By a landslide, the post that engaged Waterloo Region  the most was the King Street Protected Bike Lane Petition900+ signatures, lots of engagement (80 comments, 272 likes, 64 shares)
  2. Waterloo Bikes Night/Shift event – Waterloobikes steps out out from behind the virtual veil.
  3. One of 2013’s most exciting announcements was the launch of The Working Centre‘s Community Access Bikeshare (CAB) program.

If you’re interested, WordPress created their own stats summary of 2013, you can find it here.

Now on to 2014!

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