It’s that time of year – Ski Racks on the Bike

Today was simply gorgeous with all that fresh snow. Not only is it fun to ski in the winter, it’s almost as much fun to bike to the ski trails, only wish they’d stop with the slush-making salt :)

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5 thoughts on “It’s that time of year – Ski Racks on the Bike

  1. I first biked to ski in Winnipeg. Now 3 winters in Guelph to St. Ignatius and the city golf course. Beautiful pictures!!HMMM!

  2. Hey Graham, I recently bought a fat bike. (Which is unbelievably fun to ride. It reminds me of when I first got a mtn bike in the 80s when every ride was epic and skull busting grin monster epic). If you find yourself riding/skiing trails that would be fat bike friendly, would you post as to where? It may seem counter intuitive, but I’m not a skier, and until I got the fattie only did rural gravel road rides in the winter. Happy trails!

    1. How deep can a fattie go? I have an impression it needs hard packed trails or light fluff no deeper than 6 inches. Have you tried snow mobile trails .. there are thousands upon thousands of km out there …. .. it would be awesome if we could displace snowmobiles on their own trails :)

      1. So far my impression is you can ride on snowmobile trails and almost anywhere but some semblance of a trail is best. I think it’ll become normal in the same way mountain bikes are now. But just like those, info on trails is worth sharing. Happy trails!

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