David vs Goliath – Specialized takes on a bicycle shop / cafe

Last week, like many cycling enthusiasts I switched up my twitter name to be ‘Graham Roe / Roubaix‘.

Earlier in 2013 Specialized sent a small bike shop owner, Dan Richter a  cease and desist letter over his its use of the city name Roubaix in its shop name Cafe Roubaix Bicycle Studio.

Over the past few weeks word got out among the cycling crowd about these bullying tactics and an overwhelming amount of support exploded in favour of small bike shop. The outpouring of support forced Specialized to ‘work out a deal’ where it looks like the cafe will continue to sport the city’s name ‘Raubaix’. Chech out further details in the Calgary Herald.

I don’t know who allowed Specialized to patent a city famous for a cycling race in the first place.


A few years ago I was given a book on the race called ‘Paris-Roubaix: A Journey Through Hell‘. The pictures speak of how incredibly tough this race is, it’s one day outside of the Tour de France when the whole world watches cycling.

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2 thoughts on “David vs Goliath – Specialized takes on a bicycle shop / cafe

  1. It was rather intriguing to see the global world descend virtually on this tiny 2nd story bike shop and Specialized..just around 70-80 km. outside of downtown Calgary. I noticed the reporter (T. Babin) dropped even the latest news on our city’s latest bike lane news for this news tidbit saga in 3 installments as the developments evolved over the past few days.

    (T. Babin does write well about local cycling matters. Wish you guys have another Bill Bean replacement since his retirement.)

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