Special Constable ________, I Shake My Head at Your Ignorance

(Not All My Posts Will Be about the Police)

This past Saturday I was involved in a charity ride called Ride for Refuge.  Ride for Refuge raises money for the displaced, vulnerable and exploited.  There were 864 people doing the ride in Waterloo. Catherine Fife was one of them.  Route distances varied from 10 km to 100 km.  There were a few different routes, so the riders were spread out over north Waterloo and Wilmot Township. I rode the 100 km route with 3 friends.

As we were riding east along Hessen Strasse and approaching Moser Young Road, a middle-aged woman in a Caprice Classic blared her horn at us and swerved at me.  As we were approaching the intersection, I told the cop who was directing traffic about the driver.  He stopped her and talked to her.  I had hopes for her education, but that was not to be.  As soon as she pulled away from the cop, she blared her horn even longer at us and swerved her car at one of my friends. On the second lap, I stopped to let the cop know what had happened the second time.  His response was that the driver had a point.  We weren’t supposed to ride two-abreast.  He suggested that she call the township to complain about us!

I was pretty steamed!  Here was a police officer, who was assigned to keep cyclists safe during an organized cycling event, who sided with an angry, aggressive driver.  Here are the things that bothered me the most:

1) There were hundreds of kids in this event!  What about their safety?!
2) We weren’t even riding two-abreast.  We were riding in single file.  My assumption is that some others were riding two-abreast, and the driver took it out on us.
3) No matter what we were or weren’t doing, she used her vehicle as a weapon!  She purposely drove her 2-ton vehicle at, at least, two vulnerable cyclists!  She should have been arrested.

Special Constable _______________, when I started writing this, I was disappointed with you, now I am as furious with you, as I am with Mrs. Caprice Classic!

5 thoughts on “Special Constable ________, I Shake My Head at Your Ignorance

  1. I assume that you contacted the police and wrote up a formal report/complaint to the powers that be?

    1. Seriously. This is what needs to be done. Complaining on your blog accomplishes absolutely nothing.

  2. Apparently felonious assault is ok as long as you do it with a car. Real nice when the damned police haven’t a clue about the law.

  3. Hey Chris, Was this special constable auxiliary? It’s pretty common on events like this for the police service to utilize auxiliary officers who are really civilians who put on a blue shirt and police cap but may not have any formal training especially wrt to the HTA.

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