Oktoberfest Parade Cyclists Wanted – Help promote our BikeShare

FIVE more cycling volunteers needed to help promote a cycling culture in Kitchener Waterloo by riding a bikeshare bike in the Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade. First 5 commenters will be contacted by Adrian from CAB Bikeshare and given further details (valid email addresses needed and will only be shared with Adrian).

Community Access Bicycles, BikeKitchener and the Kitchener Market are sharing a float that features bicycles in this year’s Oktoberfest Parade. It’s a great way to showcase cycling as an integral part of our transportation system.

An additional bonus is that this will help us promote CAB to a wide audience. (Remember our review from a few weeks back?).

Event Date:  Monday, Oct. 14, 2013, 7am – 2pm

Your Volunteer Role is: Bike-rider

You will get: a BikeKitchener t-shirt, and a chance to build Waterloo Region’s cycling culture!

Bicycles will be provided, but please bring a helmet.

All volunteer riders are required to ride a bike at a marching moving speed, for the full parade length of 7km.

12 thoughts on “Oktoberfest Parade Cyclists Wanted – Help promote our BikeShare

  1. Is it possible for me to bring my kids trailer and hook it up to a bike share bike? requires me to just remove the skewer and put the attachment on and replace the skewer.

      1. Cool, I will confirm with the rest tonight and will confirm later on here! I think I am a go though!

  2. What I’d do is give recycle cycles a call as they do maintenance. I’ll take a look at lunch but I suspect it’s pretty easy and that the 3 speed shifter comes off pretty easily.

    What I’m doing is attaching my trail-a-bike to the seat post and then attaching my chariot to the trail-a-bike. That way I avoid playing with the axle shaft. I do have another trailer that clamps on, which I was going to use, but it’s a little narrower than the chariot so it’s free but perhaps not ideal especially if your kids are bigger/older than mine :)

  3. that’ll be quite the train! I could do that as well, but I suspect the kids will get tired quickly! I’ll check in with them and see. Let me know if you find anything out.


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