Should Parking be allowed on Ottawa Street Bike Lanes? Survey closes today

I wanted to bring to your attention a survey from the Region that closes today regarding some bike lanes to be installed on Ottawa Street. Unfortunately, this was only brought to my attention recently, and the survey closes today!

Apparently, concerns from an adjacent church over the loss of on-street parking has led to a proposed ‘compromise’ of the bike lanes ceasing to be bike lanes every Sunday from 8am-2pm. I fear this proposal would set a terrible precedent and dilute the notion of bike lanes as protected space by teaching the public that bike lanes are an acceptable place to park cars.

I would encourage you to take a look at the proposal and fill out the survey. It’s worded a bit confusingly, but if you don’t like the idea that bike lanes can be used for parking, select ‘No’ in response to question 7, and explain why in the space provided below. Turning down this proposal should not compromise the introduction of bike lanes to Ottawa Street, as it is already identified under the Regional cycling master plan as a future on-road cycling route.


2 thoughts on “Should Parking be allowed on Ottawa Street Bike Lanes? Survey closes today

  1. Done, thanks for pointing this out. Now if the cities would only enforce the parking rules on Father David Bauer drive when PI is doing something, and by St Mary’s when there is soccer or baseball going…

  2. I absolutely agree that this could set a very poor precedent for bike lanes. If they do end up allowing parking, they need to use non-regulatory road markings (dashed lane markings, and chevrons rather than diamonds).

    Furthermore, their question is highly ambiguous. It asks whether you support bike lanes except at certain hours in that segment. If I support bike lanes, but not the fact that they will allow parking, do I say “Yes” because I support bike lanes, or do I say “No” because I don’t support allowing parking in during certain hours?

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