Cycling Lifestyle: Living an Unconscious Feminist Life

I’ve always been fascinated by the role cycling has had in women’s suffrage movement the world over. A fabulous post by Jean, who actually lived in the K-W area in the early ’90’s.

2 thoughts on “Cycling Lifestyle: Living an Unconscious Feminist Life

  1. Your acknowledgement is most appreciated Graham. For folks here: My parents raised 6 children: 5 daughters and 1 son. We all learned how to cycle –with 2 bikes. 1 bike for girls and 1 bike for my brother. So we shared.

    Clue me in: did you use the gallery post type to achieve this type of blog post with ease? (I haven’t gotten around to using the different post/page formats.)

    1. Reading your blog while logged into there was a button called ‘reblog’. I pressed it and it allowed me to type in a comment. I clicked ‘OK’ and this is what happened. I guess it’s ok, but I wasn’t really too clear on the actual definition of ‘reblogging’ :)

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