Have you seen this bicycle? Another stolen bike

Have you seen this bicycle? It’s a 2013 Brodie Section 8, metallic blue. It was stolen from a friend in Uptown Waterloo. Let us know if you see it.


You can just see the disappointment that a stolen bike brings to her eyes. It’s unfortunate that so many of us can relate. The thief left their current ride, a full suspension Super Cycle behind, it was a definite trade up for this thief.

Unfortunately the trade-in didn’t stick around long, a Waterloo Region police officer stopped by to pick up the Super Cycle. My friend felt like she just had a bike stolen for the second time in a day, even if it was a lousy trade-in.

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8 thoughts on “Have you seen this bicycle? Another stolen bike

  1. Crap. Nice distinctive bike though… I hope it turns up. As for the locking thing, that’s the kind of thing that only happens to you once. I still take risks running into stores or whatever if I can keep the bike in sight…

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