All cyclists are idiots

That’s if you only watch this video or read D’Amato’s recent record rant. It’s Friday, maybe I’ll have a more mature response another time :)

10 thoughts on “All cyclists are idiots

  1. Could I get a column in the Record every time life presents me with an idiot? Drive around the universities here and you’ll see lots of people doing dumb things on their bikes and feet. Drive yourself from here to downtown Toronto if you want to see people doing dumb things in their cars. Hmm I wonder why I don’t read the record?

  2. What rants like this and others completely miss, in general, is that some people are not kind and considerate of others, and some are. Some of the unkind walk, ride bikes, or drive. Some of the kind do the same.

    The issue isn’t and never has been how someone chooses to get around, but rather that they are, or are not, kind to others around them.


    Focusing on someone’s mode of transport rather misses the point.

    And another thing…

    According to this:

    ” It was night. I was in a car making a right turn onto busy Weber Street near downtown Kitchener. I looked left, then right, then left again as I concentrated on the traffic coming toward me. I inched forward, seeing the gap in traffic that would let me in.

    “Mom! Stop!” yelled my teenage son, who was in the front seat. I slammed on the brakes as a cyclist came speeding from our right. He seemed to come out of nowhere. ”

    D’Amato just failed a basic driving test. She was looking left while moving forward right. Ask any teenage driver and they will tell you that according to basic driver’s education, the LAST thing you do when turning right is a) check your blind spot and b) LOOK IN THE DIRECTION YOU ARE GOING rather than the other way.


    The cyclist was at fault for the almost crash, but so was the driver.

    Moral of the story? Anyone can make mistakes.

    How is this for an idea, forgive each other, and move on.

  3. I think pedestrians should be licensed. That way if one of them does something dumb I can report their plate number to the police for nearly getting their nasty blood all over the front of my car. And if they can caught jaywalking or something else that’s illegal they’ll lose their licence to walk on our streets unescorted. Problem solved.

  4. What does the person expect a ‘road test’ to actually accomplish? I’m pretty sure everyone over the age of 12 knows the rules of the road, since it all boils down to common sense. The issue is people (motorists, cyclists, pedestrians) make the choice to not obey the traffic laws.

    I wonder if he complains about the hundreds/thousands of people driving on Ontario’s highways, going 20-40km/h OVER the posted speed limit.

    1. Ryan where I could see a road test working is combining it with Grade 6,7 or 8 curriculum on rules of the road with a cycling road test. Ensuring that all children graduating from middle school have confidence operating a bicycle on bike lanes, shared pathways and low volume roads. Essentially this would work to educate and empower a future generation of cyclists and motorists. (This is exactly what the dutch do, nothing new here).

      1. It’s too bad the author was so antagonistic, which turned the conversation into a fight rather than a constructive dialogue. Guess which sells ads and newspapers.

      2. I agree education should take place before high school. I think I was in grade 3 when someone came in to talk about bicycle safety.

        To sum up what they said…”wear a helmet”. Then they handed out a piece of paper with fear mongering nonsense, and an order form to buy a helmet through them.

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