I Love Lucy too

I’ve long been an admirer of Lucy. Ever since the first day she caught
my eye with those red flowers on her basket and her ladybug bell.


I’ve never met her as she seems to always arrive at work before me. She kind of embarrasses me when I’m leaving work and she’s still there waiting to take her owner home.

My first take on Lucy was that it was a cute name and while trying
to come up with a title for this blog post, the words ‘I Love Lucy’ sounded
oddly familiar. I started wondering just how old that TV show was, so I
wikipedia’ed and noticed that the font on the bicycle was similar to the show’s title.

‘I Love Lucy’ via wikimedia.org

That led to my next google ‘I Love Lucy bicycle’ and low and behold there
was an episode entitled ‘Lucy’s Bicycle Trip‘. The show is best rated TV show of all
time after Seinfeld. Unfortunately I can’t watch the show in Canada, so I’ll have to either purchase it on iTunes or wait till I’m in the U.S.

Enjoy the long weekend. And maybe Lucy, I’ll see you at Critical Mass on
Friday. Anyone else interested?

3 thoughts on “I Love Lucy too

  1. Interesting you mention security Joe. We’ve had quite a number of bicycles stolen, rumour has it 2-3 a month. A buddy had a rusted fixie, locked with a kyrptonite u-lock and it’s beside a bunch of cable locks. It made no sense. Anyways a bunch of us are asking for secure parking (a cage) for bicycles or at least video surveillance.

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