My favourite Bicycle at Hillside

We hit Hillside again this year and as expected there’s always a few funky bicycles around, this one reminded me of our earlier yarn bombing post.

Hillside yarn bombing

I’ve been a quieter this summer, but that’s not to say commuting by bicycle hasn’t been churning through my brain:

  • work’s been busy
  • had some great vacation time with my family
  • the writing bug just wasn’t there
  • and sometimes you’ve got to take a step back before you can jump

I’ve got a few ideas in the hopper for this fall and I hope to run them by you in the coming months.

(btw – my favourite 2013 Hillside set was Poor Man’s Whiskey who dawned costumes from the Wizard of Oz and played a bluegrass adaptation of Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd.)

One thought on “My favourite Bicycle at Hillside

  1. Hillside was good this year – for me, it was Pokey Lafarge and the Kopecky Family Band that stole the show(s).
    That was a neat yarn bombed bike, wasn’t it?

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