Videos while cycling

Hello everyone, here’s a great article about a fellow Waterloo cyclist who videos while he cycles. The article also links to his web-page with the videos.

2 thoughts on “Videos while cycling

  1. The comments there are bizarre. We won’t get anywhere until drivers are made to stay a meter from a cyclist when passing – until all drivers and cyclists learn the rules of the road better! A few arrests for cars that pass too closely would be a good start to reinforce the rules. Why doesn’t that happen? People are outraged if I cycle a meter from a row of parked cars to avoid being “doored”, which puts me in the middle of the right-hand lane, which is where I should be.

  2. You are right and drivers should also fined for blocking bike paths, when turning right. Where is a cyclist supposed to go? Even trickier to move, when you are pulling your child in a trailer.

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